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The Silver Comet Trail in Polk County travels near several historical locations including downtown Rockmart and the Cedartown Depot. The depot is a recreation of the original Seaboard Airline Railway Train Station, and it serves as a trailhead, museum, and the Cedartown Welcome Center.

One of the most spectacular attractions is an 800-foot antique railroad tunnel constructed in 1912. Though the Brushy Mountain Tunnel is located about 2.6 miles east of Coot's Lake Trailhead, it is actually in Paulding County near the Polk/Paulding county line.

Interesting sites in Polk County:

The Silver Comet Trail travels through several cities in Polk County: Van Wert, Rockmart, Fish Creek, Cedartown, and Esom Hill. The trail is "open from dawn to dusk" and parts of the trail are occasionally patrolled. Some areas are very remote so please read the Safety Tips section.

Cities In Polk Parking
Rockmart Coot's Lake | Van Wert | Rockmart | Nathan Dean
Fish Creek Don Williams | Grady Rd
Cedartown Cedartown Depot | Martin | Esom Hill
Silver Comet and Riverwalk Park
Rockmart, Polk County