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Wheelchair Accessibility = good; short, paved hill leads down to trail

Coot's Lake Beach Trailhead is at mile marker 33.48 on the Silver Comet Trail, has a portable toilet, and paved parking lot. The trailhead is next to Coot's Lake Beach in Rockmart, Georgia. Coot's Lake Beach has public swimming at an affordable price. Coot's Lake Station is a convenience store/gas station that is very close to trailhead.

Located 2.6 miles east from Coot's Lake is the massive 800-foot, turn of the century railroad tunnel under Brushy Mountain Road. It was built in 1912 and is located at mile marker 30.9 on the Silver Comet Trail in Paulding County. The Coot's Lake section of trail runs through forests and next to fields. It cuts through large hills exposing impressive rock formations and makes a worthwhile day trip.

The Paulding Forest Wildlife Management Area (WMA) surrounds the Silver Comet Trail east of the Brushy Mountain Tunnel. This quiet and beautiful section of the trail is isolated, so please check the Safety Tips section before heading out. The Paulding Forest WMA and Sheffield WMA offer many outdoor activities, and there are rules and various licenses that may be required depending on the season and activity. For an overview of what the WMA's have to offer and their contact information, please visit the Paulding County page.

Heavy fog layer in Brushy Mt Tunnel
Near Paulding and Polk County Line