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Coot's Lake Beach Trailhead - Map & Text Directions

Directions - Overview

33.97690905085553, -85.00418588223323

  • Coot's Lake Trailhead is in the city of Rockmart in Polk County, Georgia
  • It's near the intersection of Hwy-278 and Coot's Lake Rd/Old Atlanta Hwy
  • Hwy-278 is northwest of Atlanta, and runs east to west towards Alabama


  • Note: Highway-278 mile markers start over in every county
  • Go to mile marker 27-28 on Hwy-278 in Polk County
  • Between mile marker 27-28, you'll find
    • A signal tower
    • Coot's Lake
    • 4-way intersection (Hwy-278, Coot's Lake Rd, and Old Atlanta Hwy)
  • Turn on Coot's Lake Rd (west-bound side of Hwy-278)
  • Pass Coot's Lake Beach
  • Parking is directly behind Coot's Lake Beach