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1. Trail Alert Page - PATH Foundation
Please check the PATH Foundation's Trail Alert page for:

  • Updates
  • Trail construction
  • Trail closings

2. Georgia DOT - Silver Comet Projects
For the latest Georgia DOT/Silver Comet projects, type in "Silver Comet" into the Georgia DOT Project Search page. Scroll down to see the search results listed below the search table.

3. The Silver Comet Trail is complete, and both the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga trails are fully paved. The trails connect at the Georgia/Alabama border, and run from Smyrna, GA to Anniston, AL.

4. Chief Ladiga Trail
Currently, the Chief Ladiga ends in northern Anniston, AL. Plans are well underway to complete the remaining 6 miles. Once complete, the Chief Ladiga will end at Anniston's Amtrak station.

The plans to make the Amtrak station bike friendly are progressing. This will allow return travel between Atlanta, and other cities along the rail line.

The Anniston Star has current articles on the Chief Ladiga progress. Just type in "Chief Ladiga" into their search box (top right icon).

Surprise Hill, taller than it looks
Grady Rd Trailhead, Polk County