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Good Ideas and Safety Tips for the Trail

The information below was collected over time from various sources like the police, 911 dispatchers, trail rules, and even hard-learned personal experiences. Special thanks goes to the Paulding County Sheriff's Office, Cedartown Police, Paulding County dispatch, and many others for their useful tips.

For an emergency in any county, dial 911 and remember to describe your approximate location on the Silver Comet Trail by:

  1. Watching and knowing the closest mile marker
  2. The name of the last trailhead you passed
  3. The name of the trailhead where you entered/parked
  4. If you traveled east or west
  5. Approximately how far you traveled
  6. Cell phone coverage is spotty or nonexistent in places, so tracking your location by cell phone may not be reliable
  7. (Useful tips compliments of the Paulding County Non-Emergency Dispatch)

Stop at all road crossings even if there is a light because vehicles:

  • Frequently drive through the crosswalks
  • May not see the crossing if it is in a blind spot like around a curve
  • Often do not respect the pedestrian right of way

Keep an eye on small kids so they do not accidentally wander in front of bicyclists

Please allow others to pass, and if you stop or gather, do so on the side of the trail

The Buddy System is encouraged - travel with someone

Bring some type of self-protection - a good idea anywhere you travel

  • Though rare, serious crimes occurred on the trail, and an Internet search will show the relevant information
  • Some areas of the trail are very remote, and even sections near populated areas can be isolated
  • Legislation can change, so if you carry a firearm:
    • Insure that you are in compliance with the latest local, Georgia, and federal laws and only rely on official government information

Pedestrians have the right-of-way over bicycles and roller-bladers:

  • To avoid injury, slow down around pedestrians and pass with care and courtesy
  • Hitting a pedestrian with a bicycle can be a serious and expensive offence
  • Watch out for the little kids and dogs that can dart in front of bikes
  • Comply with the speed limits that are posted mostly in the crowded areas
  • For a smoother bike ride with less interruptions try:
    • Using the less-traveled areas in Paulding and Polk counties
    • Avoiding the first four to five busy miles in Cobb County


  • Keep dogs on a short leash and under control
  • Do not let your dog wander in front of bicyclists
  • Remove dog waste from the trail surface and dispose of it according to local laws
  • Remember to bring water for your dog because water fountains along the trail may not be working


  • Cell phone
  • Plenty to drink - the water fountains may not be working
  • Toilet paper, tissue, or baby wipes - YouTube video explains why:)
  • Change
  • Lip balm
  • Camera
  • Safety gear
  • Inner tubes

In the warmer months, bring:

  • Bug repellent
  • Sun glasses
  • Sunscreen, even if you do not normally burn

Georgia Weather

  • Georgia is tornadic. Severe thunderstorms can form quickly and are often obscured by the tall forest canopy
  • Watch for developing thunderstorms in the warmer months
  • The painted stripes on the trail are very slick in the rain
  • Summer temperatures may be over 100-degrees, and much of the trail is in the direct sunlight
  • Check for slippery ice and snow in the colder months

Lock your valuables in the trunk of your vehicle or keep them out of sight

  • Cell phones, GPS, cameras, iPods, laptops, wallets, pocket books, back packs...

Because fines are surprisingly expensive, follow the rules and plan to be off the trail when it is closed or after hours

  • Remember that most of the trail is patrolled at night and some sections have video surveillance
  • The rules and hours of operation are posted on permanent signs near most of the trailheads
Fall day at Pumpkinvine Trestle
Rambo Rd Trailhead, Paulding County