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Quick Facts

  • Original rail line 1897 - 1903
  • Silver Comet Passenger service 1947 - 1969
  • Rail abandoned in 1989
  • Purchased by Georgia DOT in 1992
  • Trail construction started July 1998
  • Trail construction completed August 2008

Merchandise: t-shirts, printable maps, souvenirs, drinks, snacks...

  • Cobb County - at the Floyd Rd Trailhead, Comet Trail Cycles - Located in the historic Silver Comet Depot

Bike Rentals and Repair- Along or Near the Silver Comet

  • Cobb County - at the Cumberland Connector near the Silver Comet, Smyrna Bicycles bike rentals and repairs
  • Cobb County - at the Floyd Rd Trailhead, Comet Trail Cycles bike rentals and repairs
  • Cobb County - very close to the Florence Rd Trailhead, Boneshaker Bicycles bike rentals and repairs
  • Paulding County - 1/2-mile from the Hiram Trailhead, Cycology Bike Shop, a full-service bike shop

Restaurants & Food along the Trail


Event Hosting and Trail Questions

Cobb and Paulding Counties have jurisdiction for their section of trail, and they have the latest up-to-date information.

Please use the contacts below for event permissions, trail maintenance issues, suggestions, and questions.

The links below contain contact phone numbers and email addresses.

  1. Cobb County - Cobb County Parks and Nature has jurisdiction for their section of trail
  2. Paulding County - Paulding County Parks and Recreation has jurisdiction for their section of trail
  3. Polk County - the organizations below have information:


Camping is not allowed on the Silver Comet Trail. Here are some possible options that are near the trail.

  • Paulding County Wildlife Management Area (WMA)
    • Primitive camping near the Silver Comet may be available in the Paulding Forest WMA or Sheffield WMA
    • A Lands Pass or license may be required and there are restrictions based on where and when you can camp
    • Use the official links and videos below for contact and additional accurate information
    • Enjoyable YouTube videos by Paulding County that give an overview of the WMAs and explain all they have to offer
      • YouTube video - Paulding Wildlife Management Area: Hunting and Outdoor Recreation
      • YouTube video - Learn About Paulding County's Wildlife Management Area
  • Polk County - Rock Campground RV Music Park,
    • 770-684-8517 or 770-684-8519, good reviews
  • Polk County - Camp Comet
    • Alongside the Silver Comet Trail, just west of the Don Williams Trailhead
    • Isolated: no security, no attendants, no patrols...
    • Anyone can wonder through the campsite, so use your best judgment if choosing to stay here versus using safer options
    • Too primitive and isolated for some campers to feel safe
    • It can be locked, so don't depend on it being open
    • Primitive, wooded, free, first come first served
    • No water, no bathrooms, no picnic tables, no road access, only a few gravel pads
    • Nearby pond is scenic, but looks too stagnant for safe water filtering
    • Bring deep woods bug repellent: lots of bugs, mosquitos may be from the nearby pond
    • Nearest portable toilet - Don Williams Trailhead (if available)
    • Camp Comet mixed visitor reviews are under the map
    • Note: Comet Trail Cycles may have a regular group ride: Comet Camp Adventure
  • Alabama - Chief Ladiga Campground,
    • 256-282-2370, good reviews, possible car storage


Clicking on the hotel icons within the Silver Comet Trail map will load an interactive Google map that lists nearby hotels.
Piedmont Alabama - Chief Ladiga Creekside Cottage - nice house that sleeps 10


  • PATH Foundation - non-profit organization responsible for developing an interconnected trail system throughout Georgia. PATH spearheaded and coordinated the Silver Comet Trail construction through donations and fund-raisers while coordinating efforts with the state, county, and local governments.
  • Rails-to-Trails - "At Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, we are building a nation connected by trails."
Little lizard and fall leaves
Heritage Park, Cobb County