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Quick Facts

  • Original rail line 1897 - 1903
  • Silver Comet Passenger service 1947 - 1969
  • Rail abandoned in 1989
  • Purchased by Georgia DOT in 1992
  • Trail construction started July 1998
  • Trail construction completed August 2008


  • T-shirts, hats, souvenirs; printable maps; restaurants; bike rentals, storage, repairs; newsletters- Click Here


  • PATH Foundation - non-profit organization responsible for developing more than 100 miles of trails throughout north Georgia, and more trails are planed. PATH spearheaded and coordinated the Silver Comet Trail construction through donations, fundraisers, state, county, and local governments
  • GRITS - non-profit volunteer organization responsible for helping coordinate the Silver Comet Trail construction in Polk County. Currently, they maintain/mow much of the Silver Comet in Polk County




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