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A Few Good Ideas for the Trail

  1. For an emergency in any county, dial 911
    Remember to describe your approximate location on the Silver Comet Trail by:
    • Watching and knowing the closest mile marker
    • The name of the last trailhead you passed
    • The name of the trailhead where you entered/parked
    • If you traveled east or west
    • Approximately how far you've traveled
    Note: Cell phone coverage is spotty or nonexistent in places, so tracking your location by cell phone may not be reliable.
  2. Stop at all road crossings
    • Even if there's a light, check to make sure it's safe to cross
  3. Use the Buddy System - don't travel alone on the trail
  4. Bring self-protection - a good idea anywhere you go
    • Though rare, serious crimes have occured on the trail (an Internet search will show the articles)
    • Some areas of the trail are very remote, and even sections near populated areas can be isolated
    • Good AJC article on Silver Comet Trail safety
  5. Pedestrians have the right-of-way over bicycles and roller-bladers
    • To avoid injury, slow down around pedestrians: pass with care and courtesy
  6. Keep an eye on small kids so they don't accidentally wander in front of trail users
  7. Horses - nice article listing good ideas for horseback riders and trail users - sponsored by Forever Free Farms in Dallas
  8. Bring:
    • Cell phone
    • Plenty to drink - the water fountains may not be working
    • Tissue, toilet paper, or baby wipes
    • Change
    • Lip balm
    • Camera
    • Safety gear
    • Inner Tubes
  9. In the warmer months, bring:
    • Bug repellant
    • Sun glasses
    • Sunscreen
  10. Please:
    • Keep dogs on a short leash, and under control
    • Remove dog poop from the trail surface
    • Remember to bring water for your dog
  11. Lock your valuables in the trunk of your vehicle, or keep them out of sight - cell phones, GPS, Blackberry's, cameras, iPods, laptops, wallets, pocket books, back packs...
  12. Don't leave your vehicle in trailhead parking lots overnight