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Main Menus

  • Project Seven - CSS Express Drop-down Menus - Free tutorial and assets Working Example
  • Vertical Menu Rollover Effects - stylesheet, CSS - tutorial
    • note: you'll need to add the 2 link styles below to the stylesheet to fix a bug in Internet Explorer.
      1. a:visited:active {your link style here;}
      2. a:visited:hover {your link style here;}
  • Main Menu displaying under jQuery element - Set a higher z-index on the menu.
    • Setting a negative z-index on the jQuery element may not work in some browsers.
  • Menu Test - new menu test, delete





Bug Fixes

  • Carriage Returns or Spaces in HTML Code can cause extra spacing problems in Internet Explorer
    • Takes priority over css settings
    • Effects popular tags
    • Keeping the tags inline with the content (especially the ending tag) and not using any spaces or carriage returns fixes the problem

<td><img src="image.jpg"></td>
<img src="image.jpg"></td>

Incorrect (causes 3px gap at bottom of image):
<img src="image.jpg">
<td><img src="image.jpg">   </td>



Rainy summer day at Riverwalk Park
Rockmart, Polk County