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For an emergency in any county, please dial 911. Cell phone coverage can be spotty in places, so tracking your location by cell phone may not be reliable. Remember to describe your approximate location on the Silver Comet Trail by knowing:

  1. The closest mile marker
  2. The name of the last trailhead you passed
  3. The name of the trailhead where you entered/parked
  4. If you traveled east or west
  5. Approximately how far you've traveled

(useful tips compliments of Paulding County Non-Emergency Dispatch)

Jurisdiction, Event Hosting, Trail Maintenance

Cobb and Paulding Counties have jurisdiction for their section of trail. Please use the contacts below for event permissions, trail maintenance issues, suggestions, and questions.

  1. Cobb County section of trail - Cobb County Parks & Recreation Department has jurisdiction
  2. Paulding County section of trail - Paulding County Parks & Recreation Department has jurisdiction
  3. For Polk County, the organizations below have information:

Cobb County Security/Police

Paulding County Security/Police

Polk County Security/Police

Questions and Contact Us

If you have a general Silver Comet question that wasn't answered using this website, or the links above, please contact the PATH Foundation. They have current information and answers.

Your positive comments are always welcome. Please let us know if you have:

  • Corrections for the directions or maps
  • Need a trail related event posted on our "New" section
  • Would like your trail related business posted on this site
  • Would like a photograph from the site
Snowy day over East West Connector
Concord Rd Trailhead, Cobb County