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Powder Springs Trailhead - Map & Text Directions

  • Find the intersection of East-West Connector/Barrett Pkwy/Powder Springs Road. This is a large 4-way intersection with a Waffle House on the corner
  • Take Powder Springs Road heading to Powder Springs, and away from Marietta
    • if you're coming from the East-West Connector, you'll take a left on Powder Springs Road
    • if you're coming from Barrett Pkwy, take a right on Powder Springs Road
  • The trailhead is 2.3 miles from the East-West Connector/Barrett Pkwy/Powder Springs Road intersection
  • Note: Powder Springs Road will veer off to the left, and Richard D. Sailors Pkwy will be straight ahead. Stay straight on Richard D. Sailors Pkwy. (The trailhead is a very short distance from this intersection)
  • The trailhead is on the left side of Richard D. Sailors Pkwy, just down from the QT, and across the street from the United Community Bank