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Heading West - The Silver Comet Trail

The Mavell Road Trailhead is the start of the Silver Comet Trail at mile marker 0. It has nice restrooms, paved parking, picnic tables, water, an emergency phone, dog waste bags, and small lecture platform.

Heading East - Trails near the Mavell Road Trailhead

Heading east, the almost 5-mile long Silver Comet Cumberland Connector leads to the Highland Station shopping center, travels across South Cobb Drive, and ends at Cumberland Mall. For more information, see the Highland Station page.

The 2.3-mile 14-feet wide Silver Comet Extension will travel over an existing rail-bed just east of the Mavell Road Trailhead. It continues under South Cobb Drive, I-285, and North Church Lane where it will end at Plant Atkinson Road. Cobb County plans to extend the trail to the Chattahoochee River where it will connect to a series of trails that link to the Atlanta Beltline trail system in Atlanta.

Summer day, 60s bike and Mimosas
Smyrna, Cobb County