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Wheelchair Accessibility = great, nice parking, red light crossings

Floyd Road Trailhead is at mile marker 4.2 on the Silver Comet Trail. It has great amenities including a convenience store, nice restrooms, ample parking, a fountain park, and Comet Trail Cycles.

Comet Trail Cycles is next to the Silver Comet Trail and is located in the restored Silver Comet Depot. They rent, repair, and sell bikes. There's plenty of near-by shopping including a Walmart, gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and banks.

Heading south of the Floyd Road Trailhead is Floyd Road Trail. This 2-mile long trail is a wide sidewalk that runs alongside Floyd Road and connects to Mableton. It is part of Cobb County's interconnected trail system.

Fall day near Floyd Rd
Mableton, Cobb County