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Floyd Road Trailhead - Map & Text Directions

33.84746754466403, -84.58539118654859

  • Take I-285 to Exit 15 (near mile marker 15) to South Cobb Drive
  • South Cobb Drive is Hwy. 280/Smyrna
  • When you come up to South Cobb Drive, head outside of the perimeter, AWAY FROM THE LARGE SMOKE STACK, towards the Cobb Civic Center/Chattahoochee Tech/280-North.
    If you are heading south on I-285, away from I-75, turn right on South Cobb Drive.
  • Go approximately 1.4 miles, or 4 red lights to the large South Cobb Dr/East-West Connector/Cumberland Pkwy intersection
  • Turn left onto the East-West Connector
  • Go approximately 5.5 miles to the Floyd Road red light
    (you'll pass under 3 bridges: Floyd Road is the 4th light past the 3rd bridge)
  • Turn left on Floyd Rd, towards the Walmart shopping center
  • go about .7 miles and you'll pass over the Silver Comet Trail
  • Once you pass through the Silver Comet red light, you'll see the Floyd Rd Trailhead parking, Silver Comet Depot, and convenience store immediately on your right