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Wheelchair Accessibility = not so good because there's a big hill that leads down to the Silver Comet Trail. The Mavell Road Trailhead is better because it has easy access to both the start of the Silver Comet Trail, and the Silver Comet Connector.

Note: The start of the Silver Comet Trail, mile marker 0, is at the Mavell Rd Trailhead.

The Silver Comet Trail Cumberland Connector is a paved trail that connects the Highland Station shopping center to the start of the Silver Comet Trail. Highland Station is at the corner of South Cobb Drive and East-West Connector, in Cobb County, GA.

The Cumberland Connector travels in front of Highland Station shopping center, heads west along the East-West Connector, goes down a steep hill next to a neighborhood, connects to the Mavell Road trailhead, and the start of the Silver Comet Trail. From Highland Station to the Silver Comet is a little over a mile.

The Cumberland Connector has 2 lanes separated by dashed yellow lines. There's ample parking at Highland Station along with a Publix, bank, restaurants, bike shops, Starbucks, and lots of shopping.

Silver Comet Connector - Mavell Trailhead
Smyrna, Cobb County