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Located near I-285 and South Cobb Drive, the Mavell Road Trailhead is the official starting point of the Silver Comet Trail. The Silver Comet is 12.8 miles long in Cobb County, and it travels through Smyrna, Mableton, and Powder Springs. Cobb County has nice restrooms, benches along the trail, emergency phones, water fountains, red lights, and picnic tables.

The Cobb County Police Department uses various vehicles to patrol the trail during the day and night. The park hours are "open from dawn to dusk" and it's strictly enforced. Tickets can be surprisingly expensive for being on the trail after it closes and violating other rules.

Even though the trail is patrolled, people are encouraged to travel together and follow safety practices. Please do not leave your car in the trailhead parking lot overnight. The trail rules are posted near most of the trailheads so check the hours and read the rules for any changes in the regulations.

NOTE: The first 5 miles of the trail in Smyrna and Mableton are often crowded.
Speed limits are posted in crowded areas to protect pedestrians as well as cyclists.

Cities In Cobb Trailheads and Parking
Smyrna Highland Station | Mavell | Fontaine | Concord
Mableton Floyd | Heritage Park
Powder Springs Carter | Linear Park | Florence

Cobb County Trail System

Cobb County is in the process of building a connected trail and park system that will span the county and connect to other trails within Georgia. Areas within Cobb's trail system include Acworth, Kennesaw Mountain, Noonday Creek, East Cobb, Dallas, the Cumberland Mall area, and the Chattahoochee River. The Silver Comet Trail in Cobb County will also connect to Atlanta's extensive trail system. The trails that connect to the Silver Comet are the:

  • Silver Comet Cumberland Connector east of the Highland Station Trailhead
    • Connects the eastern end of the Silver Comet to Cumberland Mall
  • Silver Comet Extension just east of the Mavell Rd. Trailhead
    • Heads south and will connect to the Atlanta Beltline
  • Concord Rd Trail north-east of the Concord Rd Trailhead
    • Leads through busy Smyrna and ends at Atlanta Road
  • Floyd Rd Trail south of the Floyd Rd Trailhead
    • Travels into Mableton
  • Wildhorse Creek Trail near the Carter Rd Trailhead
    • Ends at Wildhorse Creek Park, Ron Anderson Recreation Center, and Seven Springs Water Park
  • Lucille Creek Trail near the Florence Rd Trailhead
    • Connects to the Powder Springs trail system

Cobb County Resources & Trail Maps

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Powder Springs, Cobb County