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Located near I-285 and South Cobb Drive, the Mavell Road trailhead is the official starting point of the Silver Comet Trail. The Silver Comet is 12.8 miles long in Cobb County. It travels through Smyrna, Mableton, and Powder Springs. Cobb County has nice restrooms, benches along the trail, emergency phones, water fountains, red lights, and picnic tables.

The Cobb County Police Department uses various vehicles to patrol the trail during the day. Police cars patrol at night. The park hours are "open from dawn to dusk", and it's strictly enforced. Tickets for violating hours are expensive, so plan to be off the trail once it starts getting dark. Even though the trail is patrolled, people are encouraged to travel together and follow safety practices.

NOTE: The first 5 miles of the trail in Smyrna and Mableton are often crowded, and speed limits protect pedestrians.

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