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Wheelchair Accessibility = good; gravel parking; no nearby shopping or restrooms

Esom Hill Trailhead is at mile marker 61.2 on the Silver Comet Trail. It has a gravel parking lot and no restrooms. The closest stores and gas stations are near Cedartown. This is a very quiet, scenic, and remote area for both the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga trails. Heading east, the Silver Comet travels through rural areas and heads to Cedartown.

0.3 miles west is the Chief Ladiga Trail and State Line Gateway Park. The park's arches and picnic tables highlight the state line between Georgia and Alabama. Heading west on the Chief Ladiga Trail is the Tallegeda National Forest, and the next trailhead is in Piedmont, Alabama. There are no shopping or retail areas on this very remote section of trail, so please be prepared and follow proper safety practices. Good Ideas

A poem inspired by an early Memorial Day ride serves as a wonderful ending for the Silver Comet Trail and the start of the Chief Ladiga.

Cycling through the early morning light
An amazing opportunity expands my sight
The Dawn exploding like fairies dust
Feeds my soul with wanderlust
A lightness seems to fill my lungs
As my body hears songs unsung
Mother Nature yawns and smiles
As I pedal away the miles!
by Richard L. Jones

Warm afternoon near Esom Hill
Esom Hill, Polk County