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Wheelchair Accessibility = not great because you have to cross the East-West Connector using a red light and travel along a sidewalk to get to the trail.

The Fontaine Road Trailhead is at mile marker 1.2 on the Silver Comet Trail. It is a paved parking lot with no water, no restrooms, and no facilities. To access the Silver Comet, you have to use the red light to cross the East-West Connector and go down a paved sidewalk that connects to the Silver Comet Trail. Even though the parking lot is located on the busy corner of the East-West Connector and Fontaine Road, it can be somewhat isolated so please follow proper safety precautions.

Heritage Park

If you continue a short distance on Fontaine Road you'll find Heritage Park on the right at the corner of Fontaine Road and Nickajack Road.

Snow storm - photo by M. Sjurseth
Smyrna, Cobb County